The Ballarat Botanical Gardens Foundation

Supporting the Ballarat Botanical Gardens for future generations


The Foundation's overriding purpose is to raise funds to provide a strong, sustainable financial basis to support the Ballarat Botanical Gardens.
Other purposes include advancing the natural environment in the Botanical Gardens and, in so doing, advancing and preserving the heritage of the Gardens as a horticultural museum.




To achieve the Foundation’s objectives the Foundation will:

  • undertake activities to generate financial and community support for the maintenance and development of the Gardens.
  • develop relationships with key stakeholders, in particular the City of Ballarat.
  • in all its endeavours apply the principals of good governance, and meet all compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • provide a mechanism for the broader community to contribute financially to the long term benefit of the Gardens.

Strategic priorities

The key priorities for the initial 12 months since the establishment of the Foundation will include:

  • introduce the Foundation to the community through media, social media, website etc.
  • a Public launch was held Tuesday 26th March 2019;
  • in accordance with the provisions of the Trust Deed develop an investment strategy compliant with public ancillary fund guidelines and then implement such strategy;
  • in accordance with the Trust Deed formulate appropriate policies to ensure the good governance of the Foundation; and
  • undertake such initiatives and activities as may be necessary to invite the public to contribute to the Foundation.

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We would like to acknowledge our key Stakeholder, Friends of Ballarat Botanical Gardens (FBBG).





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