The Ballarat Botanical Gardens, gazetted in 1857 and developed from 1858 on the old Police paddock site, is an outstanding example of a botanical garden. The large 40 hectare site is bounded by Lake Wendouree (originally Yuille's Swamp) to the east, the northern extension of St Aiden's Drive, The Boulevarde, Gregory Street, Gillies Street and Carlton Street along the south. Although the area between Wendouree Parade and the lake is considered to be part of the lake surrounds, this section is integral to the gardens and was included in the original 1885 reservation. This site is part of the traditional land of the Wathaurung people now known as the Wadawurrung...

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The Ballarat Botanical Gardens are of aesthetic significance for the mature avenues which enhance the linear layout of the Garden, particularly the Giant Redwood ( Sequoiadendron giganteum ) The Horse Chestnut ( Aesculus hippocastanum ) The Ballarat Botanical Gardens are of social significance as a reflection of the civic pride and prosperity of Ballarat, originally derived from the gold rush, particularly expressed through bequests such as the Stoddart bequest ( twelve sculptures ), the Thompson bequest ( Statuary Pavilion and five statues ) McDonald bequest, ( bandstand, entrance gates and pergola ) Richard Armstrong Crouch bequest ( initiation of Prime Minister’s Avenue ) and the Robert Clark Conservatory and associated Building Robert Clark Horticultural Centre.and English Oak ( Quercus robur ) Avenues.

The Foundation’s overriding Purpose is to raise funds to provide a strong, sustainable financial basis to support the Ballarat Botanical Gardens.
Other purposes include advancing the natural environment in the Botanical Gardens and in so doing, advancing and preserving the Heritage of the Gardens as a Horticultural museum.

The Foundation exists to provide a means for the community of Ballarat to contribute to the long term enrichment of our Gardens.


The Victorian Heritage Database is home to the Victorian Heritage Register which lists the State's most significant heritage places, objects and historic shipwrecks protected under the Heritage Act 2017.

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